Training to become a Focussed Mindfulness Guide

Focussed Mindfulness© Training   

This is a life-transforming course which begins with a three day Intensive retreat. At the end you will have experienced the power of this work and will know in your bones if you want to go on and complete the two year training course.

In the intensive retreat you will release suppressed emotions, let go of unconscious preconceptions and conditioning, become clearer about your own deepest values and see your path towards realising a more fulfilling and congruent life. Numbers are limited to 6.

It is suitable for all people wishing to heal. It is also a gateway course for those wanting to undertake further training.

Feedback from the intensive held in May 2015:

‘What a gift this has been. I feel healed and whole. It is the best experience I have ever had and was a real privilege to share it with the whole group’. Lisa, counsellor

‘This was personal journey worth every penny’. Lisa, counsellor

‘From the first minute to the last I was hooked by the flow, delivery and content of the material. You have an incredible gift.’  Phil, self employed

‘If you are looking to leave your life baggage in the past, this work lets you destroy those bags and open yourself to a new future/ a new you’. Phil, self -employed

‘I felt in safe hands and able to trust in the process and work with whatever came up when I was at my most vulnerable’. Carol, HR consultant.

‘From feeling confused, pressured and anxious this work has enabled me to accept my calmness, joy and embrace self-love. I now have the tools to just be, to release all that doesn’t serve me. I now feel free to be myself’. Elena, colour consultant.

‘This is a deeply moving and challenging course. Thank you, this has been superb in every way’. Nigel, GP.

On the course you will:

  • Gain a deep, experiential  understanding of Focussed Mindfulness
  • Begin the path to healing from habitual, unhealthy ways of being
  • Receive one to one and small group support throughout the three days – numbers are limited to 6 on this introductory course.
  • Be given a copy of From Pain to Peace which is a Focussed Mindfulness handbook.
  • Open the door to other courses run by Absolute Specialists

The programme consists of the following:

  •         3 full days of meditations, teachings, demonstrations and practise
  • Experience of the Focussed Mindfulness techniques such as Active Listening, Conscious Writing, the Empty Chair Technique, Pain Release Process, Questioning Judgements process, the Heart to Heart technique and the Wounded Child process.
  • Triad work to experience the role of client, practitioner and observer
  • Time to reflect in beautiful, tranquil surroundings
  • Discussion sessions
  • Time held in silence
  • Shared mealtimes and preparation of meals – lunch and dinner on two days and lunch on the final day
  • A coaching session to help you integrate your shift to a healthier way of being into your life after the intensive
  • An invitation to join the community and keep in touch with the good friends you will make on the course

What next?

Once you have completed the intensive you can attend other workshops and person-centred work in groups or in one-to-ones which will support you to become increasingly mindful. You may also begin work towards becoming a Focussed Mindfulness practitioner. Details of courses, venues and dates are on the website. https://www.absolute-specialists.co.uk . email me if you would like to know more or bag a place: clare.walters@absolute-specialists.co.uk

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