The Frozen Child Workshop 14.11.19

The Frozen Child is a guided meditation that allows your client to access a painful or even traumatic memory from their past that, even though it is normally buried in their unconscious, is affecting how they react to life to this day. It allows a gentle process of soothing, healing and integration so it no longer drives their responses to life.This is a practitioner workshop, but the day will be experiential so it is a chance to address something of your own…..or you can role play one of your clients who is stuck in an unhealthy pattern.

The Frozen Child is a hugely powerful tool in the rehabilitation of people who have suffered trauma. See an article on the subject here.

Feedback from a practitioner who uses the technique: ”I had a client this morning and she did a wonderful frozen child. Said she felt a big weight had come off her shoulders. And it made sense of all she had been trying to do for herself- in counselling, meditation etc. She’s had two sessions now and is bowled over by how powerful it is! So lovely to be able to help someone make the emotional connection! I love what I do!!

Book your ticket https://www.eventbrite.com/e/frozen-child-workshop-tickets-63110102014

Numbers wil be small so you will have a chance to exeprience the technique and practice it with your peers, and then take the script away with you.

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