The Focussed Mindfulness Method

Become more of that wise, compassionate, healthy person you know you can be.

  • Deepen your mindfulness practice.
  • Address the unconscious triggers that keep you from peace.
  • Learn a method that will support you in the long term.

Then, if you wish, support others to do the same!

What is it?

The Focussed Mindfulness Method TM  gives you the tools to free yourself from whatever is keeping you from peace.

  • It is a suite of mindset tools that turn the attention away from the thinking mind to whatever emotional issues are harboured in the body, uncover the root cause of them and take you through a process of reconciliation, healing and release. 
  • It frees you from the fixed and unconscious beliefs that drive your thoughts and feelings; releases trauma and allows the possibility of reconciliation.
  • It releases grief, fear, anger, shame and other emotions leaving you healthier, happier and more peaceful.


Here is what previous participants have said:

‘Hand on heart, the Focussed Mindfulness Method has had a more immediate and profound and lasting impact on my anxiety and wellbeing than every one of the approaches I have previously tried, all combined.’ Louisa, shiatsu practitioner.

‘It has made me have a healthier relationship with food, my body and my own self-worth, which in turn has helped me be able to connect with my partner, family and friends without being afraid of being hurt.’ KC

How do I train?

The first step is the foundation course. It is experiential – you will be working on your own issues as you get to understand from the inside how the method works. Many people attend the course purely for their own personal development and to be part of a group in which a deep trust builds and creates a supportive team that often stays together long after the course is completed.

Should you wish to continue learning, the foundation course is a gateway to other courses taught by Absolute Specialists.

  • If you already are a health practitioner or coach you can practice under supervision as you begin to integrate the Method into your own practice
  • You can become a Focussed Mindfulness guide.
  • You can take further courses and become an integrative coach, a relationship coach or a supervisor.
  • You can join the team that works for our social enterprise: Absolute Specialists Wellbeing, offering emotional wellbeing courses to individuals and groups in the corporate sector and in the community.

Covid response

Absolute Specialists has an associated social enterprise: Absolute Specialists Wellbeing. It teaches our emotional wellbeing toolkit to people via corporate training, the third sector and to individuals in the community.

As our response to the Covid 19 pandemic, we are offering free online support to those in need. We have already received some  funding to work with carers in the community and are applying for more so we can respond to the balloooning  demand for our services as people look to heal from the trauma and emotional overwhelm in the aftermath of the pandemic.

We need more practitioners! 


Train in The Focussed Mindfulness Method

The course offers:

The course consists of the following:

The Workshops

A selection of the following workshops:

More Information:

The fee for the foundation year as described above is £2000, concessions are available, please get in touch to discuss your individual circumstance.

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