The Focussed Mindfulness Method

Become more of that wise, compassionate, healthy person you know you can be.

  • Deepen your mindfulness practice.
  • Address the unconscious triggers that keep you from peace.
  • Learn a method that will support you in the long term.

Then, if you wish, support others to do the same!

What is it?

The Focussed Mindfulness Method TM  gives you the tools to free yourself from whatever is keeping you from peace.

  • It is a suite of mindset tools that turn the attention away from the thinking mind to whatever emotional issues are harboured in the body, uncover the root cause of them and take you through a process of reconciliation, healing and release. 
  • It frees you from the fixed and unconscious beliefs that drive your thoughts and feelings; releases trauma and allows the possibility of reconciliation.
  • It releases grief, fear, anger, shame and other emotions leaving you healthier, happier and more peaceful.


Here is what previous participants have said:

‘Hand on heart, the Focussed Mindfulness Method has had a more immediate and profound and lasting impact on my anxiety and wellbeing than every one of the approaches I have previously tried, all combined.’ Louisa, shiatsu practitioner.

‘It has made me have a healthier relationship with food, my body and my own self-worth, which in turn has helped me be able to connect with my partner, family and friends without being afraid of being hurt.’ KC

How do I train?

The first step is the foundation course. It is experiential – you will be working on your own issues as you get to understand from the inside how the method works. Many people attend the course purely for their own personal development and to be part of a group in which a deep trust builds and creates a supportive team that often stays together long after the course is completed.

Should you wish to continue learning, the foundation course is a gateway to other courses taught by Absolute Specialists.

  • If you already are a health practitioner or coach you can practice under supervision as you begin to integrate the Method into your own practice
  • You can become a Focussed Mindfulness guide.
  • You can take further courses and become an integrative coach, a relationship coach or a supervisor.
  • You can join the team that works for our social enterprise: Absolute Specialists Wellbeing, offering emotional wellbeing courses to individuals and groups in the corporate sector and in the community.

Covid response

Absolute Specialists has an associated social enterprise: Absolute Specialists Wellbeing. It teaches our emotional wellbeing toolkit to people via corporate training, the third sector and to individuals in the community.

As our response to the Covid 19 pandemic, we are offering free online support to those in need. We have already received some  funding to work with carers in the community and are applying for more so we can respond to the balloooning  demand for our services as people look to heal from the trauma and emotional overwhelm in the aftermath of the pandemic.

We will need more practitioners! 

In response to this we are offering an intensive course in the Focussed Mindfulness Method that will run from September to November 2020 at a slashed fee of £1350. This could be for you if you have an established mindfulness practice and are a keen to support people in need.

Train in The Focussed Mindfulness Method

The course offers:

The course consists of the following:

6 sessions with an Absolute Supervisor

Observe an experienced practitioner working, learn the theory, receive the script, practice in a supported space.

Clare and other Absolute specialists will be available to respond promptly to your reflections and offer support throughout the year.

As the course unfolds you will receive sections of a manual so by the end of the course you have a written reference for all the processes.

Once you have completed the intensive course you may be invited to work towards accreditation as an Focussed Mindfulness guide. This will involve reflecting on your confidence in using the techniques with clients in an appropriate and creative way, examples of how you have applied the techniques in practice and a critical appraisal of the results achieved and how you might have improved on the process. The reflection will also consider your own spiritual journey thus far and your CPD needs and plans for the following year.

All Absolute Specialists - associates and accredited practitioners- must hold appropriate public liability insurance and agree to abide by the Absolute Specialists code of ethics and conduct.

The Director of Absolute Specialists reserves the right to withhold accreditation until you have undertaken further personal development work to address any areas where this is deemed necessary. You have the right to appeal.

All Absolute Specialists - associates and accredited practitioners- must hold appropriate public liability insurance and agree to abide by the Absolute Specialists code of ethics and conduct.

Once granted accreditation you will be offered an annual review with an Absolute Supervisor and an annual workshop where you can reflect on your CPD in the previous year and on your needs for the following year. You will also be eligible for further training such as to become a relationship coach, Absolute Supervisor or trainer.

The Workshops

A selection of the following workshops:

This workshop is an opportunity to practice active listening and exploration with a partner to help you become aware of a deeper, and often unconscious issue that is influencing your current dis-ease. This workshop introduces supervision in practice, person-centred supervision, triads, peer supervision and mentor-led supervision as ways to deepen your own practice. You will work in triads and experience the role of client, practitioner and observer in this supportive and insightful workshop.

Once you have evoked and clarified an issue you will use the empty chair technique which allows your partner to draw on his or her own inner wisdom and gain insight into their issue.

The Pain Release process is a simple mindfulness meditation. It brings profound and immediate benefits for those suffering chronic physical pain such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and wounds as well as emotional pain such as acute anxiety, grief, anger and depression.

It takes only a few minutes and can be used to:

  • bring immediate relief from mental anguish or physical pain
  • ground yourself so that the pain can be viewed more objectively
  • open yourself to a deeper awareness and understanding of their pain

Once learned it can be used whenever you need it. Feedback is very positive with most people enjoying better sleep, less pain and a more positive mood and less reliance on pain killers, sleeping pills and other medication.

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Have an experiential understanding of the technique
  • Be aware of the depth and potential of the process

Be clear about the benefits of using the technique in your own practice

Often we are stuck because we have fixed judgements and beliefs that we accept without question. This wonderfully simple technique allows you to see how unhelpful these fixed thoughts can be and how much freer you would be if you dropped them.

The workshop is based on 'The Work' developed by Byron Katie: www.thework.com. In it you will have an opportunity to experience and gain confidence in the technique and explore how you can integrate it in to your practice.

The Trauma Release process is a gentle meditation that allows you to recognise the part of you that is in need of support and then be guided to give it that support. When a part of us is in pain or traumatised we close off and our minds become separated from our hearts and our deeper wisdom. This process allows the mind to open and access the loving support that the heart offers, we can then be more trusting, free and loving.

Sounds simple, and it is, but the results are profound.

In this workshop you will see a live demonstration of the technique and then get to give and receive a process. Afterwards there will be an opportunity to explore how you can use it in practice to give yourself added support after the session.

Do you know your deepest fear? What unconscious belief drives you? What this costs you?

Find your ego's nemesis and explore it, challenge it and let it go.

In this workshop we will identify the four basic fears of the ego and you will get to recognise which is yours at the moment. We will then explore the many subtle ways that this fear has affected your life's path and how it has separated you from love, truth and happiness.

Then, having exposed it you can be guided through a process that will allow you to surrender to it, experience freedom from it and gain access to your own inner wisdom.

We will be working in triads and using the Pain Release Process, so you will need to attend a PRP workshop before attending this one.

The heart to heart is a guided meditation. It has profound healing potential.

The heart to heart gives you an opportunity to say what you really needed to say in a painful situation but couldn't at the time. It is a wonderfully healing process for someone who is grieving, feels disempowered or abused. It allows you to express yourself and let go of harboured feelings. Once the pain is released your heart will open and you will feel freer and able to gain a more objective and loving understanding of events. As with all the other processes in the foundation course it is gently but profoundly healing and offers an opportunity to resolve and move on from painful events.

The Memory retake is a guided meditation. It has profound healing potential. When we are faced with a situation that overwhelms us we tend to suppress the emotions it evokes and return to 'cope' mode as quickly as possible. Having successfully supressed it we tend to leave it there and just carry on with our lives, yet the unexpressed and unacknowledged emotion remains frozen in time and can have a profound and lasting effect on our health. When we close off from our feelings we close off to our hearts and this makes us feel separate, unsupported and fearful leading to irrational fears, judgements and inner conflict and to physical and mental dis-ease.

Where this suppression occurs in early childhood there may be no conscious memory of it yet its effects can be particularly debilitating.

The memory retake meditation can be used on people of any age from about 7 upwards. It gently accesses the memory and the associated emotions and then it allows the sufferer to put the event into a healthier perspective and realise that they need no longer fear it. They are then able to open to their hearts and feel a profound sense of peace, safety and happiness. The technique is particularly useful after trauma and, along with other techniques, for people who have been bullied or abused.

This guided meditation will help you to connect with your body and acknowledge any emotional or physical pain that is present. You will be guided to bring to mind the time that you first felt this pain and may identify its original cause. You can then go through a campfire and heart to heart process and begin to heal the pain.

You will benefit if you have an illness or are in physical pain, if there is a trauma in your past that you feel is unresolved or if you are a practitioner interested in learning more about this powerful healing tool.

Once experienced, we will discuss how this meditation can be adapted for use with children

Having cleared away pain, fear, saboteurs and conflicts in a process the thinking mind often needs some convincing that things have happened subconsciously and that the change is permanent. We will use a guided meditation to physically experience how different the future will be now deep healing has occurred, we have cleared the dis-ease and we are in touch with our hearts.

This will be a joyous and affirming workshop which will support us all as we move closer towards living a life that is truly congruent with our deepest values.

A reflective exploration of the code of ethics: what it means to you and how it will shape your practice


More Information:

The fee for the foundation year as described above is £2000, concessions are available, please get in touch to discuss your individual circumstance.

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