Integrative Coach Training

Training Course Overview

Absolute Specialists’ Integrative Coaching© is a unique and elegant approach. It frees your client’s mind so they can see with increasing clarity where they need to go and how to get there. It also provides them with tools that they can take away and use for themselves after the sessions so they can continue to make good choices along their journey. AS Integrative Coaches© practice the Focussed Mindfulness Method which is direct, powerful and deep. They have experienced first-hand the power of the practice for uncovering and dealing with the root cause of their own fears, confusion and self-imposed limitations and they are committed to continuing to clear their issues as they surface. They are compassionate, insightful and work with integrity, they deeply listen to their clients before teaching them Focussed Mindfulness tools that help to calm them, clear their minds and empower them to work towards their goals with a flexible but focussed action plan.

If you wish to train as an integrative coach you can do this concurrently with a Focussed Mindfulness course or afterwards depending on the availability of courses and the time you have to commit. The workshops are around a specific theme, you will be encouraged to consider the challenges and approach needed for different client groups and you will learn additional skills to develop your practice in these areas. 

The Course

The Programme Consists Of The Following:

  • Workshops
  • Teaching clinics
  • An Absolute manual with scripts of the techniques
  • One to one supervision sessions
  • Email support
  • A route to accreditation as an Absolute specialist

The Integrative Coaching Course

Open to those who have completed or are undertaking the foundation course. It offers:

  • Introduction to four coaching models
  • grounding for working with 8 different client groups
  • Continuing personal development
  • Additional coaching tools
  • Group and individual support

The Programme Consists Of The Following:

There will be detailed information on the Spring 2021 course with Jane Bytheway posted here soon.

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The Workshops - subject to revision

5-6 hour sessions introducing:

This will be an experiential workshop which will be supportive of your own life journey.

This workshop will be run by an experienced and highly respected life and business coach. She will teach two further coaching models.

  • How do you work with people suffering from stress, depression, anxiety and breakdown? - Exploring the particular challenges in working with emotional health- case studies, strategies and discussion.
  • Running workshops for employees and management

  • Working with couples
  • Communication skills –  listening, transactional analysis, non-violent communication
  • Love languages
  • Contracting

  • Case studies
  • The challenges of this group and possible approaches
  • Working alongside other health professionals
  • Red flags

  • Healing trauma – guided meditation. Experience this meditation then practice it in triads
  • Case studies, challenges and solutions

This will be a fascinating day run by Hazel -one of our supervisors - who has a particular interest in end of life work. She will cover death doulas, living wills, palliative care, grief and assisted dying and so much more.

  • The healing path - talk by a recovering addict, 12 steps mentor and journey practitioner
  • Case studies, challenges and additional processes.

  • Safety and the law
  • Challenges and approaches – case studies
  • Additional processes
  • Outcome measure

  • Red flags, ethics
  • Case studies
  • Survival tool-kits

  • The role
  • Additional tools
  • Case studies , challenges, approaches
  • Ethics and the law

10 sessions over the year with an Absolute Supervisor where you can explore and be supported with your own personal issues and any challenges that the course, life and your own client work brings.

Observe an experienced practitioner working with real world clients and then join a discussion with other Integrative coach trainees and experienced practitioners on the approach taken in the session and an exploration of other interventions that might be employed.

5 group sessions mentored by an Absolute Specialists practitioner

More Information:

Clare and other Absolute specialists will be available to respond promptly to your reflections and offer support throughout the year.

As the year unfolds you will receive sections of a manual so by the end of the year you have a written reference for all the processes and guidelines.

Once you have completed the Integrative coach course you may be invited to work towards accreditation as an ASIC. This will involve reflecting on your confidence in using the techniques with clients in an appropriate and creative way, examples of how you have applied the techniques in practice and a critical appraisal of the results achieved and how you might have improved on the process. The reflection will also consider your own spiritual journey thus far and your CPD needs and plans for the following year.


Absolute Specialists accredited practitioners must hold appropriate public liability insurance and agree to abide by the Absolute Specialists code of ethics and conduct.


The Director of Absolute Specialists reserves the right to withhold accreditation until you have undertaken further personal development work to address any areas where this is deemed necessary. You have the right to appeal.


Once granted accreditation you will be offered an annual review with an Absolute Supervisor where you can reflect on your CPD in the previous year and on your needs for the following year.


Where all these conditions are met and your subscription has been paid you can appear on the Absolute-Specialists directory.


The fee for the IC year as described above is £1500, if you take the two years together it is £3000 for the full course. Individual workshops can be attended if you do not wish to take the full course, please contact me to discuss. Concessions are available, please get in touch to discuss your individual circumstance.

Please get in touch as soon as possible if you are considering the course. Numbers will be limited.