Divorce Coach Training

The Accreditation Process For Divorce Coaches

This is a follow on course for those who have completed Focussed Mindfulness Training and Relationship Coach Training.

During the accreditation process you will accrue the skills you need to support people before, during and after divorce and separation. You will also be competent and adequately qualified, regulated and insured to work alongside family lawyers in supporting their clients.


The training is a one day workshop for those who have completed the focussed mindfulness training and the relationship coach training. You will be asked to reflect on the following:

  • Do you understand the different routes to divorce and have an idea of the sort of clients that might be suited to each process.
  • Do you have the required skills or will you commit to acquiring them within a given time.
  • Do you have insurance, professional membership and licence to practice the tools you will need?
  • Are able and willing to work as part of a team and do you have good working relationships with other professionals who will form your client support network.
  • Will you commit to CPD and have regular person-centred supervision
  • Have you understood and are committed to abiding by Absolute specialist’s ethics and code of conduct