Practice Development Club

6-weekly meet-ups for health practitioners in Huddersfield.

Join us at 9.45 for prompt 10 am start: Kirkheaton Community Centre HD5 0LZ

Each meeting will start with a guided meditation and check-in where we each have a few minutes to share how we are and an issue we wish to explore. 

In the first workshop we will work on our vision for the year and at the close of the meeting feed this back to the group.

In subsequent workshops we will focus on a topic and have a short presentation by an expert in the field.

We will also have time to split into triads to work on your personal issue (each person in the triad gets a chance to receive coaching, be the coach and be in an observer/feedback role).

We will finish at 3 pm.

Book your place: £30 per workshop or book for the full set: £160 – and save £80.

Dates and topics (subject to revision). As of 15.12.19

31.1.19                  Practice visioning and creation of a vision board.

Guided meditation followed by an opportunity to create a vision board for the year.

13.3.20                  Your online presence – websites and social media.

A guest expert will be invited to answer your questions.

24.4.20                  your business plan, pricing and accounting.

                                                With a guest expert.

5.6.20                    Drawing up your client contract.

                                                With Clare Walters

17.7.20                  Networking and word-of-mouth marketing.

                                                With a guest expert.

28.8.20                  Online marketing.

                                                With a guest expert.

Bring lunch, or there will be time to bob out to the local bakery.

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