Online Course

What does it offer?

Freedom from your triggers, more calmness, more kindness to yourself and more mindfulness.

Work through the powerful exercises in your own time abd repeat them as often as you wish.

Study the theory behind the method.

Arrange a one to one session with an experienced practitioner whenever you need some support.

This course has evolved through the 15 years that I have been a mindfulness practitioner, psychotherapist and trainer. The tools deal with whatever is getting in the way of your mindful way of being. They are powerful, direct and deep and the effects can be life-changing.

  • Exerience the teachings, meditations and exercises that comprise the Focussed Mindfulness Method. 
  • Access and deal with the root causes of your anxiety, negative thoughts and busy mind. 
  • Let go of your unhealthy patterns and find emotional freedom and peace of mind. 

 This online course offers:

  • A powerful and innovative approach that gets to and directly deals with the root cause of emotional issues;
  • a proven toolkit recommended by experts in healthcare and coaching that you can share with clients and use yourself whenever you need to feel more settled, positive and confident;
  • the wherewithall to enhance your personal and professional relationships;
  • a peer support group which can become your tribe of like-minded people;
  • 48 hours’ CPD;
  • a gateway to further training and work opportunities with our social enterprise: Absolute Specialists Wellbeing

and an approach that will support your mindfulness practice and and allow more peace, connected and presence in your life.

It consists of:

  • 6 video and written tutorials on the theory behind the practice of Focussed Mindfulness;
  • 6 exercises that will give you a direct eperience of the approach;
  • 9  unique, deep teaching meditations from the author;
  • 5 hour-long on line sessions via video link with your dedicated mentor who will guide you through the exercises, answer queries and give individual support. You can pace these and agree times that will suit your schedule;
  • 8 chapters of the author’s story about the development of this work and video stories from other people who have experienced life changing benefits through using the tools
  • and a discussion form where you can share your experience, queries and comments with other learners.

At the end of the course there is a resource section to aide further study. You can also learn more from your mentor about retreats, the integrative therapy and integrative coach practitioner courses and opportunities to work for our social enterprise which provides courses and one to one sessions in emotional resilience in the workplace and in the community.

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