Continuing Professional Development


Personal and Professional development ensures you are offering your best self to your clients.

  • Take the time and space to recharge
  • Appraise your personal and professional practice from a mindful perspective
  • Receive Focussed Mindfulness to access your inner guide when you feel challenged, confused or overwhelmed.
  • Be supported to conduct your practice according to your personal integrity; within the bounds of your competence and according to your professional code of ethics and the law.
  • Meet your registering body’s CPD requirements

In person-centred supervision (PCS)

You will be guided by an experienced practitioner to find a mindful perspective of yourself, your practice and your clients. You will be encouraged to bring any issues that are causing you disquiet and therefore affecting your practice, uncover the obstacles that are preventing you from seeing things from a more mindful perspective and clear them so you can find your own way forward. In each supervision session you will find solutions to your immediate problems, begin to develop a healthier way of responding to challenges and start to develop your ‘inner supervisor’ so you are more and more effective, compassionate and confident in practice.

PCS is offered individually when required, but is far more potent in a group: you gain direct support for yourself, but also learn from observing others as they give and receive processes.

PCS runs through every area of training at Absolute Specialists. It is offered as a personal development tool and at every stage of the professional development programme.

PCS is recommended or even obligatory for many professions, including homeopathy, counselling and psychotherapy. Absolute supervisors are trained in Focussed Mindfulness, supervision and all have an established CAM practice of their own: they offer an example of best practice. We also offer PCS to people in the caring professions – it is of huge benefit to family lawyers, teachers, doctors, nurses, complementary health practitioners, coaches and counsellors.

The aim is to help each supervisee to find their inner wisdom and use this to guide them in every area of their lives so they live with more and more integrity, love and purpose and practice with compassion, insight and humility.