Online Intensive Course

Intensive foundation course in the Focussed Mindfulness Method running online this autumn – assisted places available.

Self development online

Training in Focussed Mindfulness for personal and practitioner development.

Become more of that wise, compassionate, healthy person you know you can be.

  • Deepen your mindfulness practice.
  • Address the unconscious triggers that keep you from peace.
  • Learn a method that will support you in the long term.

[Then you might:]

  • Integrate the method into your own practice.
  • Train as a practitioner through our practitioner programme.
  • Join our team of practitioners working for our social enterprise.

The Focussed Mindfulness Method TM  gives you the tools to free yourself from whatever is keeping you from peace.

  • It is a suite of mindset tools that turn the attention away from the thinking mind to whatever emotional issues are harboured in the body, uncover the root cause of them and take you through a process of reconciliation, healing and release.
  • It frees you from the fixed and unconscious beliefs that drive your thoughts and feelings; releases trauma and allows the possibility of reconciliation.
  • It releases grief, fear, anger, shame and other emotions leaving you healthier, happier and more peaceful.

The course is experiential – you will be working on your own issues as you get to understand from the inside how the method works. Many people attend the course purely for their own personal development and to be part of a group in which a deep trust builds and creates a supportive team that often stays together long after the course is completed.

To meet our need for practitioners we are offering this course at a rate of £1400. And now I can confirm that there are assisted places available for 4 selected people.

                              Apply here

Should you wish to continue learning, the intensive is also a gateway to other courses taught by Absolute Specialists.

Here are some options:

Details of the course running from September to November 2020

The course will consist of:

  • online study in your own time;
  • a reading list
  • experience of different meditations that will support the teachings;
  • 6 x 6-hour online workshops running on a Friday and Saturday once a month;
  • 5 online one to one sessions with the tutor;
  • optional peer to peer practice sessions;
  • handouts of the various tools that you learn over the course.

The teaching method is experiential. In each workshop you will see a demonstration of the exercise, explore the theory, receive the script and then, under guidance, practice amongst yourselves.

Course dates

Workshop 1: September 11th 2020

Body scan meditation

Teaching and discussion: listening traps – colluding, rescuing, judging

Active listening exercise

Good friend technique exercise

Workshop 2: September 12th 2020

Breathing meditation

Teaching and discussion: the thinking mind

Questioning thoughts exercise

Workshop 3 October 16th 2020

Centering prayer

Teaching and discussion: the impact of trauma

Trauma release process

Workshop 4 October 17th 2020

Mantra meditation

Teaching and discussion: suppressed emotions

Pain release process

Workshop 5 November 14th 2020

Body scan meditation

Teachng and discussion: emotional and physical pain

Healing mind and body meditation

Workshop 6  November 15th 2020

Silent meditation

Teaching and discussion: living with integrity

Ethics, regulation, supervisiona

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