Focussed Mindfulness Training 2021

This foundation course is offered as 10 day-long workshops and 10 hour-long one-to-ones  spread over 2021. It offers a powerful year of self-healing and self development and an experiential understanding of The Focussed Mindfulness Method. It can also be used as CPD for councillors, coaches, mindfulness guides, complementary therapists, psychotherapists and emotional wellbeing specialists.

You can attend the first workshop on 9th January and have your say on dates of subsequent workshops before committing to the full course. Book now.

The course will be held principally online with face to face socials offered when possible.

Course details are here.

Self development online

The Focussed Mindfulness Method allows you to deal with the root cause of emotional issues and life challenges without having to talk about them. It works by accessing and healing emotional pain held in the body. In each workshop you will be introduced to one of the techniques, see it demonstrated, explore the theory and then practice it with your peers.

You will go through the year as a stable group and a supportive and safe environment is quickly established. Additional support is provided through a one-to-one session with a trained supervisor after each workshop. 

Ethics, including safeguarding, regulation and insurance are covered in the course.

At the end of the year you may wish to begin to practice as an Integrative Therapist under supervision or progress to advanced courses in Integrative coaching, Relationship coaching, Divorce coaching or Supervision.

You may also wish to join the team working for our growing social enterprise – Absolute Specialists Wellbeing. We currently have funding to support carers affected by the Covid19 and are partnering with other third sector organisations to work with young people in the community who need extra help to access education and employment.  We expect to continue to expand our reach to other sectors in 2021.

The investment for the first workshop, which will teach you invaluable skills is £50 Book now. Should you wish to progress the full course fee will then be £2230. We have some funding to offer assisted places at our discretion.

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