Foundation Course 2021

Do you want to culture a more still, loving and trusting state of being? The Focussed Mindfulness Method  (FMM)™ gives you the ‘how’.

FMM is a set of techniques that takes you to a state of deep calm, trust and love. From here you are able to heal, reconcile and integrate whatever is keeping you from peace: a busy mind, past and present trauma, physical pain, negative thoughts or fears.

It offers freedom from unconscious patterns that drive anger, fear, shame, blame, avoidance, despondency and disassociation. In effect it supports you to let go of past pain leaving you more present, empowered, flexible and calm.

It can be used on its own but has more lasting effects if it is complemented by a regular meditation practice. It gives you the tools to deal with everything that distracts you from a state of oneness.

The foundation course is run over a year in order to give the work time to bring about deep and lasting changes in your state of being.

I invite everyone who attends the course to be fully present and experience the power of this work for themselves. Afterwards, some may wish to apply their learning in a professional capacity – but during the year everyone is ‘in it together’ no matter what is their background or level of experience. We go through the year as a group, trust is quickly established and we work in an environment safe from judgement where we can learn to accept ourselves more fully. 

Call Clare on 07984115927 or email now to find out more.

Attend the first workshop before committing to the full course. Book here.

Here are the 10 workshops – dates will be decided at the first workshop on January 9th 2020. You can book this now.

WORKSHOP 1: Core Skills

In this first session you practice conscious listening skills and take away key skills that will support you through the year: conscious listening, the morning mind dump and the empty chair technique.

WORKSHOP 2: Questioning Thoughts Exercise

This exercise investigates unconscious and habitual responses to ourselves, other people or situations. It quickly and directly uncovers a fundamental belief you are holding and shows you how it effects the body. Through directed exploration you reach a more mindful perspective of yourself, a felt sense of spaciousness and lightness and a recognition that you have the option of being free from habitual unconscious thoughts.  Regular practice of the exercise brings a lasting change in physical wellbeing,  mental health and how you respond to previously challenging situations.

WORKSHOP 3: Trauma Release Process

Here you explore a recent event that caused an emotional reaction. In directed visualisation you go to the feeling that this evokes in the body, this acts as a portal to a traumatic memory which has been driving emotional responses ever since.  You immediately, without any need to talk about the event, learn to self-soothe this inner traumatised part of yourself and engage with a more empowered, loving and wise part. Practiced often, especially at times of distress you can learn to move yourself at will from a reactive, emotional state to a calm, centred one.

WORKSHOP 4: Pain Release Process

Here you focus on a sensation, discomfort or other feeling in the body and explore what lies deeper. This brings to your attention an image, sensation or memory normally harboured in the unconscious. Rather than dwelling on this you explore deeper still and continue to do so, often rapidly discharging a range of powerful emotions,  until you find that there is nothing left and you are in a state of expansiveness, peace, stillness, safety or love. Once in this state of one-ness you naturally have a wise and loving perspective on your suffering and gain insight into your habitual emotional responses and how you can achieve a healthier state of being.

WORKSHOP 5: Trauma Integration Process

In this exercise you explore your emotional response to a situation and the sensation it triggers in the body. You then explore what this area needs in order to heal. There follows a negotiation which continues until the part feels better and more supported.

The exercise allows a trauma memory to be safely explored and resolved leaving you calmer and more integrated.

WORKSHOP 6: Conscious Communication

Feeling fully heard is an essential first step in conscious communication. You will practice listening mindfully, without judging, colluding or rescuing and then practice how to respond mindfully, speaking your truth in challenging situations using the techniques of non-violent communication and transactional analysis.

WORKSHOP 7: Memory Change Process

Here you use directive visualisation techniques to reframe a traumatic memory, imagining how it would have looked if you had the power to change the outcome and, importantly, how it would have felt in the body. This reduces the shock associated with the memory, empowers you and gives you the experiential understanding that you are, in reality, no longer trapped in the situation and can safely explore it, begin to resolve it and integrate it.

WORKSHOP 8: The Heart to Heart

This is a directed visualisation in which you safely have an imaginary conversation with whoever was involved in a traumatic memory. It allows an expression of emotions which have often been suppressed since that time and an experience of feeling heard and understood. This is often felt as a profound relief and afterwards you may be able to forgive yourself and others involved in the traumatic memories and achieve reconciliation and release.

WORKSHOP 9: Working With Children

In this workshop you will practice directing a visualisation that can be used with both adults and children to reframe a painful, formative or traumatic memory. We will then discuss how the FMM techniques might be adapted for use with children and young people.

WORKSHOP 10: Ethics, Supervision and Professional Practice.

In this final workshop you will explore the future of your individual journey: a regular practice, further training and/or a more supportive lifestyle.

Information will be given on practice under supervision, advanced FMM courses, ethics and regulations and working for our social enterprise.

Learning Support Provided Throughout the Year.

Workshops will ordinarily be online, but this can be reviewed during the year.

Training will be led by Clare Walters, with a minimum of one supporting trainer per 4 students.

One to one session with the a trainer after each workshop.

Access to Clare Walters’ podcasts and Absolute Specialists’ online learning material.

The opportunity to practice techniques you have learned with other students between sessions.

Email contact with the trainers whenever needed.


We are working towards a CPD Standards qualification for this course.

You will be issued with a certificate of attendance.

You can then work towards accreditation as a Focussed Mindfulness practitioner, Integrative Coach or Relationship Coach in your second year.

there will also be an opportunity to work for our social enterprise providing emotional wellbeing support in the workplace and the community.


The full cost for the foundation course is £2280.

Subsidies will be available for eligible students, enquire now.

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