My Experience at A Journey Retreat

What you Gain from a Journey Retreat I have just returned from a weekend Journey Intensive where I acted as a supporter for Deb Billet , one of the Senior trainers who facilitated the retreat. There were about thirty people there who were experiencing The Journey for the first time. Deb took them gently through […]

Training with Us

Absolute Specialists Ltd offer courses in integrative coaching, relationship coaching and supervision. Our coaches are highly trained, experienced and flexible. They can select from a range of approaches and so work with a wide diversity of issues, personalities and emotional and physical health challenges. They are licenced to use Focussed Mindfulness: a deep, direct and […]

Focussed Mindfulness fixed my Panic Attacks

After years of struggling with anxiety and overwhelming panic attacks, I was in a dark place and believed this is how my life would always be. I felt hopeless and didn’t know what was happening to me. I’m 23, surely life isn’t meant to be this awful! I’d lost confidence, motivation and any sense of […]

Relationship Coach Training

Relationship Coach Training Workshop 9th – 11th July 2016 Open to anyone who has attended focussed mindfulness training – at any level – in the past. This will be a 3 day workshop rich with learning and connections to: Collectively consider the role of a relationship coach and come up with your definition Learn some new tools […]

My Experience of Questioning My Thoughts

Questioning Judgements. How to break free “I’m worthless. I’m unlovable. Why do people treat me this way?” I was my own harshest critic, this much I had always known. Over the years my inner voice had told me that I was not good enough, that I let others down, was a disappointment to those I […]

Introducing Focussed Mindfulness

One of the biggest challenges I have encountered as I have worked to raise awareness of the Focussed Mindfulness programme has been to convince health practitioners and prospective clients that yes, it is this simple and yes, if you use these techniques regularly you will benefit in a profound and life changing way. People tend […]