Clare Walters

Focussed Mindfulness Retreats in Norfolk

Individual and couple retreats in Rural Norfolk Treat yourself to a half day, one day or two day retreat with Clare Walters at a caravan hideaway deep in rural Norfolk. Use the time to reflect, work on your relationships and let the gentle and direct power of Focussed Mindfulness clear unhelpful unconscious patterns and beliefs. […]

Which of your relationships needs a reset?

Reset those relationships that bring you down. It is perhaps the best investment you ever make! There are so many potential benefits. In the short term you will become happier, lighter and have more energy and in the longer term the skills you learn will improve all your relationships – starting with the one with […]

CPD Workshops for FM Grads

Have you attended workshops with Absolute Specialists in the past? Then you are an FM grad and you can attend our one-day workshops for your CPD. Topics include coaching techniques, working with trauma, relationship coaching , divorce coaching and more. £65 per day. Book Here   Workshop topic Content Trainer Date 1.Trauma desensitisation process Online […]

Focussed Mindfulness Reduces Anxiety

Just 3 Focussed Mindfulness  sessions significantly reduce anxiety, low mood, exhaustion and frustration study finds. Our observations backed up by science We are not surprised, we knew we were seeing amazing improvements in people suffering emotional symptoms, but it is great to have our results validated by a scientific study. We asked 70 people  to […]

Foundation Course in Focussed Mindfulness 2023

Make 2023 your year of self-healing and positive change. Foundation Course in Focussed Mindfulness The year-long foundation course in the Focussed Mindfulness Method (FMM) begins in January 2023. The learning is experiential and you will quickly build trusting and deep relationships with your year group while you gain confidence in using the techniques. There is […]

Practitioner Training in Focussed Mindfulness

CPD 2022 Focussed Mindfulness – an effective intervention for trauma and emotional suffering. The Focussed Mindfulness MethodTM (FMM) is a direct and powerful approach for addressing whatever is preventing your client from feeling calm, empowered and present. It is a blend of coaching, mindfulness and guided exercises that get straight to the root cause of […]

FMM Changes Everything

FMM Changes Everything online learning

The focussed mindfulness method TM (FMM) changes the way you think, and when your thoughts change, everything changes!  Book on the. introductory 2 hour online workshop: 10.30 on Saturday October 16th. FMM is a blend of mindfulness, coaching and guided exercises that get straight to the root cause of your ‘stuff’ and deals with it […]

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