About Us

We develop outstanding Focussed Mindfulness practitioners, integrative coaches, relationship coaches, divorce coaches and person-centred supervisors.

Our practitioners take a unique, elegant and deep approach. It frees the client’s mind so they can see with increasing clarity where they need to go and how to get there and it provides them with tools they can take away and use for themselves after the sessions.

All students spend their first year focussing on themselves and their own issues so they gain a deep, experiential understanding of the techniques while becoming increasingly mindful, compassionate and skilled.

Our accredited practitioners are highly qualified, rigorously regulated and skilled practitioners. Most of our clients feel a marked difference after the first session and usually need only a short course of 5 sessions to achieve the lasting change they are seeking.

Discovering Focussed Mindfulness has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. From the very first session an energy has permeated through my whole being, I am more present, there is a calmness, an inner serenity within me. I have gained confidence, regained me!

I am immensely privileged to be training with such a skilled teacher

SP current student.

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