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Clare Walters – Absolute Healing, Freedom from Pain | Guidance in Mindfulness

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The meditations that you can purchase are in MP3 format and can be downloaded on to your phone or computer. They offer you an experience of the profound peace and healing that can be achieved through the practice of Focussed Mindfulness. The ideal way to work with these processes is one to one with an experienced practitioner but you can gain a great deal of benefit listening alone. Should you require further guidance please get in touch.

Find a quiet spot, sit comfortably but in an attentive position, close your eyes and listen to the meditation from start to finish. If you get distracted or resistant just notice this and gently invite yourself to reengage with the process. If you are sharing the meditation with a child invite them to sit quietly and listen, but great results can be achieved if he or she prefers to play quietly or draw while the recording is playing.

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From Pain to Peace

This book offers you the means to explore and understand the true cause of your suffering and change your attitude towards it. 

£12.99 inc.VAT

Just Be Meditation

This meditation will allow your thinking mind to relax and let you rest in present moment awareness

£1 inc.VAT

Preparing to truly listen

This is a five minute meditation to get you centred and ready to listen to your client or indeed anyone else who deserves your full, kindly and non-judgemental attention.

£5 inc.VAT

The Pain Release Process Meditation

This powerful meditation will allow you to release physical and emotional pain leaving you more peaceful, happy and relaxed. 

£10 inc.VAT

Children's Healing Story

This powerful but gentle guided visualisation helps children to release fears and come to terms with past events.

£10 inc.VAT

The Pain Release Process Meditation
Here is a guided experience that allows you to release emotional or physical pain and find peace. Use it whenever you are suffering - at night it will help you get rest, sleep more deeply and wake more refreshed. In the day it will bring about a state of peaceful consciousness when you most need it. Regular use of this meditation will let you become increasingly present and open to living life to the full.

Children’s healing Story
This is an 8 minute guided visualisation for children from about 7 upwards (and it works just as well with adults!). It empowers the child, allowing him or her to change the outcome and so heal the trauma of painful memories and experiences gently and safely. It also gives him or her the comfort of knowing that they now have the tools needed to cope with a similar situation should it arise in the future.

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