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Professional Development Personal Development

Professional Development

  • Gain a deep, experiential understanding of focussed mindfulness practice
  • Build confidence in guiding others
  • Integrate the techniques into your own practice
Intensive Course

in focussed mindfulness

Further Training

to practice as an Absolute Specialist

Absolute Specialists offer an opportunity for some continuing professional development. You can:


Some Of Our Testimonials

  • Clare has an eclectic approach – the techniques she teaches incorporate several different therapies which allows there to be less constriction on the way she works.
    Once you are present in the moment and have a belief in the client the process develops naturally. Your client knows how to heal themselves and you are enabling them to do that. It is very quickly effective but on a deep level. It’s quite miraculous – people can limp into my office and walk out.
    Jo Davies, Psychotherapist
    It was such a fantastic experience to learn with a group of like-minded people, with a shared ethos and value base, and becoming part of a group with shared values and ideals. The training allows you to be yourself, with no such thing as right and wrong so it’s ok to be vulnerable, which leads to a much more natural learning process. It’s ok to make mistakes, and the feelings of inadequacy that a lot of people struggle with are ok. There is no judgement.
    Hazel Bamber, Absolute Specialist
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Training with Us
Undertake the foundation course in Focussed Mindfulness alongside an applied course in Integrative Coaching