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Clare Walters – Absolute Specialists | The Pain Release Process

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Professional Development Personal Development

Personal Development

  • Heal physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Find freedom from destructive and limiting behaviours
  • Open to joy, lightness and a love of life

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This is a spiritual practice that will quite simply transform your life.


'Learn how to use the practice of focussed mindfulness to free yourself from your negative thoughts, your inner judge, your fears and your pain and over time to become more and more grounded in a peaceful consciousness that gives you a healthier perspective on life.'

Some Of Our Testimonials

  • I have had a traumatic life but now I can rejoice in it and the lessons I have learned from it. It is amazing to be able to look back and to be grateful for my unhappiness – I am a survivor, but more than that, I am a survivor who can now enjoy her life, is still able to work and has a determination to pass this on.
    Jo Davies. Psychotherapist.
    These are probably THE most valuable tools I have for my own development and the sense of peace and love I get from doing it is second to none
    One session has had quite a staggering effect on me, and I feel that although it was a while ago it is still having a great positive influence on my life’.
    Danielle Barbereau, Academic and coach.
    I have been taught a technique for dealing with some of my demons. Haven’t got a clue why it works.
    The last few months have really moved me forward and I have dealt with a lot of old baggage.
Latest News
Employee resilience service
Testimonial from a pilot employee support service we provided to the NHS: 'The sessions have had a significant impact for some, helping to deal with issues that have gone unresolved for many years'. "We regard Clare as an expert in her field".
Autumn Intensive Retreat in Mirfield
' I feel like a butterfly that has just emerged from its coccoon' LD,attendee at the November retreat. Three day intensives coming up on 15th September 2017. Here is the itinerary which is subject to change to ensure all attendees get the deepest experience possible. These are deeply supportive and healing retreats.