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Jenny Cooper

"When you work with me, I enable you to deal with the effects of stress on your physical, mental and emotional health and well-being, and to change your responses."

Specialist For

  • The Pain Release Process


The sources of stress might include relationship problems, issues at work, loss and bereavement, or chronic illness and pain.

When we tap into our creativity, whatever form this may take, we have a powerful resource for healing trauma, and physical, mental and emotional distress at any level. This is woven into the creative activities using colour and visualisation (no art skills required!) that I offer with my coaching.

The Pain Release Process fits in well with this approach, and I suggest it to my clients when it is appropriate. It is simple, creative and effective. You learn how to use it for yourself, so it is yours, whenever you need it.

Pain and chronic illness are debilitating and stressful, and can reduce your sense of being in charge of your life. Clients who have ME have found this process particularly helpful in addressing and releasing strong emotions as well as physical pain. Anger and fear are often repressed or resisted because they consume so much of the limited energy available. Ironically, keeping these emotions held back also takes up a lot of energy!

Each person is unique, and I work with you to find the combination of effective, enjoyable skills and tools that meet your needs and fit into your lifestyle – your personal bespoke solution to changing your response to stress, and becoming clear, confident and calm.


  • BA Art & Design
  • Post graduate Diploma in Art Therapy (MA equivalent)
  • Full Member of BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists)
  • HPC (Health Professions Council) Registered AS00981
  • Accredited PRP Practitioner, Absolute Specialists
  • Thought Field Therapy - Algo, Callahan Techniques
  • Certificate in Life Coaching
  • HealthCoachingU graduate
  • TFT - dx practitioner Callahan Techniques


  • 30 years in the NHS, initially general nursing, then 20 years as an Art Therapist, in adult mental health.
  • Key Steps Coaching established in 2009
  • Group programmes, workshops, individual work (mainly by phone and Skype).

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