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Employee resilience service
Posted in Focussed Mindfulness in Business on 24/11/2017
Testimonial from a pilot employee support service we provided to the NHS: 'The sessions have had a significant impact for some, helping to deal with issues that have gone unresolved for many years'. "We regard Clare as an expert in her field".
Heidi returns to work in better shape than before
Posted in Focussed Mindfulness in Business on 15/09/2016
Heidi was off work with anxiety for three months, she has now been back at work for a year. We asked her boss how she is doing.
Introducing Focussed Mindfulness
Posted in Philosophy, Focussed Mindfulness in Business on 03/09/2016
Focussed Mindfulness offers you an unbelievably accessible, gentle and easy route to a calmer, more fulfilled and healthier life.
Employee Back at Work in a Week
Posted in Focussed Mindfulness in Business on 14/06/2016
"Jenny went off sick with panic attacks. As we are a small team her absence impacted us all".Dave, MD of a local SME.
Improving Employee Resilience - case study
Posted in Focussed Mindfulness in Business on 02/06/2016
"I have felt such a positive shift in my situation after just one session. If only I could bring this into my office, I know that others would really benefit from this work"