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A Cornish Retreat
Posted in Events, workshops and retreats on 27/04/2017
After the huge success last year we are repeating this wonderful retreat on the North coast of Cornwall. 27 April - 4th May. £350. Simply take time to relax or sign up for some of the activities on offer. 'Definitely value for money. Would love to do this again in the future. I liked the morning meditations and the flexibility of the retreat.'
Rest and Restore Retreat in Cornwall
Posted in Events, workshops and retreats on 27/04/2017
A week on retreat on the North Cornish Coast 27.4.17 - 4.5.17. Reflect, renew and refocus in a sumptuous cliff-top farmhouse with plenty of space for solitude, companionship, guidance and support.
Sarah Teaches Parents to Support Their Teens
Posted in Practicing focussed mindfulness on 27/03/2017
You, as a parent, have the answers. It is my job to help you find them so that you can always feel confident in interacting with your pre-teen/teenager. Sarah Wilkins - our guest blogger this month.
Please don't ask your teenager to be themselves
Posted in Practicing focussed mindfulness on 06/03/2017
It just adds another layer of pressure. Instead affirm their value as you see it, say, for instance, how you love that they are caring, clear about right and wrong, interested in a range of things and happy.
Launch offer: Resilience Coaching Programme
Posted in Practicing focussed mindfulness on 06/03/2017
A course in resilience coaching from a qualified coach together with email support for the introductory price of £150. Only 20 places so contact us now to find out more and book.
Training to become a Focussed Mindfulness Guide
Posted in Events, workshops and retreats, Focussed Mindfulness Training on 28/02/2017
This is life-transforming training. Read the testimonials here
Mindfulness for fearful children
Posted in Practicing focussed mindfulness on 05/01/2017
Maria Hands tells how she uses focussed mindfulness to comfort her child after a nightmare
Have a Hygge Xmas
Posted in Practicing focussed mindfulness on 15/12/2016
Whilst Hygge is a physical hug, Mindfulness is the 'hug' you can provide for your mind, refocussing your awareness away from your thoughts back to your body writes Alex Kent.
Support for Anxious and Depressed Young People
Posted in Practicing focussed mindfulness on 03/11/2016
Help your teenager to gain a sense of self-worth and confidence; explore their internal compass guiding them to what is right for them and giving them the courage to express this; blossom and find their way in the world.
"I Don't Know Who I Am Any More"
Posted in Practicing focussed mindfulness on 22/10/2016
When our children leave home we reach a natural transition point in our lives, this can be seen as an opportunity or leave us feeling lost and even despairing.
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