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Sarah Teaches Parents to Support Their Teens

Posted in Practicing focussed mindfulness on 27/03/2017

Sarah Teaches Parents to Support Their Teens

I’m Sarah Wilkins, a certified Parent and Teen Relationship Coach and adult education teacher with a background in Psychology and child development.  I specialise in working with the parents of adolescents (10-19 years) to help you navigate this sometimes tricky time in your relationship. 

I work one to one with parents and with small groups, to teach you about the changes going on in your child’s brain so that you can better understand their behaviour and how to apply the skills of professional coaching to your emerging adolescent.  Coaching is outcome, solution and future-focused.  It presupposes that you, as a parent, have the answers.  It is my job to help you find them so that you can always feel confident in interacting with your pre-teen/teenager.

Uniquely, my 7 step programme is derived from the seven elements that adolescents said they needed from the adults in their lives as they make this transition through puberty and beyond. 

Lack of confidence in dealing with her 15 year old daughter, Sadie, was what brought my client, Liz to me.  She is a single Mother who also has a disabled child and necessarily needs a lot of attention.  Sadie is very helpful with her sibling but does sometimes show resentment towards them and then becomes angry and abusive to Liz.  Liz and her husband are going through a difficult divorce and Sadie is also very angry about her Father leaving, all of which she takes out on Liz.  The result was that Liz felt exhausted and very much as though she was a victim of Sadie which Sadie recognised and exploited.

Liz and I worked together to determine the outcomes that she wanted from the programme and began to work through the step-by-step process of learning to become a coach to Sadie.   This meant learning to interact with her in a different way that illustrated that Liz was employing the elements that adolescents said they need from the adults in their lives, and the relationship began to change.  By week 4 the disrespectful and foul language Sadie had been using towards Liz diminished significantly and respectful discussions were emerging.  By week 5 Liz no longer felt as though she was the victim of Sadie’s behaviour and it changed the dynamic of their relationship completely. 

The skills of coaching, combined with relating directly to what your children need in their interaction with you, has been shown thousands of times, and across cultures, to help maintain mutually respectful relationships between adolescents and their parents/carers.  Worth knowing, don’t you think?

Sessions are packaged-based (4 week, 8 week or 12 week) depending on the level of support required.  The work is confidential and conducted over Skype to allow for the busy lives that parents have.

Member of the British Psychological Association and Association for Coaching.

Email: sarah@diamondsinside.co.uk or ring: 01430 873464 for a free 30 min Discovery Session.

For more information go to my website: www.diamondsinside.co.uk